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Our constitution and bylaws define eligibility as follows:

2.1. The members of the association are the applicants for incorporation of the association, and those persons who subsequently have become members, in accordance with these bylaws and, in either case, have not ceased to be members.

2.2. Any person may apply to the directors to be non-voting members of the association. Any person actively engaged in the business of producing log and/ or timber structures and associated entities may apply to the directors to be a voting member of the association. Log and/ or timber building businesses with less than 12 months in business may apply for non-voting status. Such persons shall be admitted to the appropriate category of membership upon payment of dues provided however, that the number of non-voting members of the association shall never exceed the number of voting members of the association. Non-voting members who are appointed to the Board of Directors, or elected as a director, shall be deemed to be a voting member, with full powers of a member and a director.

  1. Any person may apply to the directors to be a voting member of the association.
  2. Voting membership will be granted only to persons:
    • Who are residents of British Columbia, or have production facilities, branches or regional offices in British Columbia, who
    • Belong to an organization which qualifies as a member entity; and
    • Those organizations have been actively engaged in business for at least 12 months prior to the time of application.

2.3. Each member entity will be afforded one management vote and one employee vote. Complete the membership application form and send it to us by email to [email protected].

Please include a 200-word company profile and 4 photos that you would like posted on your BC LTBIA member page.

You may pay your membership fees by Visa or Mastercard or by mailing a cheque to:

116, 5100 Anderson Way #420
Vernon, BC V1T 0C4

Once your membership has been accepted and processed, you will receive a confirmation message and a receipt, plus a digital copy of the BC LTBIA Logo for use on your website and company promotional material.