Quality. Craftsmanship. Dedication.

Welcome to the BC Log & Timber Building Association (LTBIA), a network dedicated to promoting the best of British Columbia’s log home and timber frame construction industry.

Log and Timber homes are renowned for their elegance and craftsmanship, a celebration of family, nature and serenity. For those seeking a unique home of their own, finding the right Timber Framers, Machine Profile Log Builders, or Handcrafted Log Builders is essential, and we’re here to help find the perfect builder for your project.

Our association supports builders by improving job training, WorkSafe practices, proprietary research, and access to suitable resources. We represent the log and timber industry’s most talented and innovative builders, each of whom are dedicated to their craft and established in their industry.

From simple log cabins, to lakeside homes, to extensive ski lodges, we’ll help you find a home builder to make your dream home a reality. Follow the links below to find out more about the builders we represent, or learn more about the history of our association.

Hand-Crafted Builders

Hand-crafted log homes hold a timeless elegance. Find the perfect builder for your project from our esteemed list of craftsmen. Learn more.

Timber Framers

Our expert timber framers bring years of dedication to their craft, plus knowledge of the best timber for your project. Learn more.

Machine-Profiled Builders

Mechanized construction combines precision with hand-crafted details. We represent the top machine-profile builders in the industry. Learn more.

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